Web Site Creator

Graphic, Motion & Sound / Design & Direction

2017 motion reel

MK12's "MAN OF ACTION! II: Ashes Of Vengeance" - sound design

Division Q - brand sketches

Microsoft CDOC - concepts / sketches for an 8k video wall

Synect media - process poster variatons

Synect / Gensler - lobby experience

Synect / Gensler / Honda - lobby experience

Synect media - Microsoft branding

Synect  media / Microsoft - video wall concepts

Prologue - logo variations for Blind Wink Productions

Frank jewelers - logo and metal punch designs

Salvadoria - font, logo & graphics for the web

Personal work - frames from a self-promo


Ryan Griffin 


(248) 974-2277

graphic, motion & sound / design & direction


Cranbrook Academy of Art, Master of Fine Arts (2007) (2D Design Department)

College for Creative Studies, Bachelor of Fine Arts (2000) (Digital Animation & Video Department)


Graphic: Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic Designer & Assistant Professor

Motion: Motion Designer, Animator, Art Director, Editor & Director

Sound: Sound Designer & Musician


Microsoft, Gensler, Quanta Magazine, MK12, Sierra Quitiquit, JEH Productions, Synect Media, Commonwealth/McCann, Commonground, Pixelfire, The Mill, Brunner Advertising, The Ebeling Group, Digitas, Helios Interactive, College for Creative Studies, Prologue, Organic, Chrysler Corporation, Vectorform, Clear Magazine, Octane Design, Hemmingway +a/studios, John Deer, DMCVB (Visit Detroit Magazine), Lawrence Tech University, GM, BF Goodrich, Jaguar, Mazda & Ford Motor Company


Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Assistant Professor, Problem Solver & Artist

Graphic Specialties:

Logo Design, Preproduction for Animation, Pitch Work, Ideas, Graphic Design History, Branding, Teaching, Metaphor & Perspective, Analog/Digital thought process, Unique approach to complex problems.

I know the media design process for projects big & small, from branding a startup, to large scale retail experience design. My graphic understanding, critical process & working methods have significant influence on my other areas of focus in different ways. Each day I build off the previous & this process leads me to tomorrow. It is constantly active.


Motion Designer, Animator, Editor, Title Designer & Special Effects

Motion Specialties:

Visual Narratives, Kinetic Typography, Art Direction for Motion, Particle Systems, Large-scale video wall content production, Pre-visualization & Media Aptitude.

I make things that move. I learned to shoot & edit film & video & can animate in 2D or 3D.


Sound Designer & Musician

Sound Specialties:

Sound FX, Music, Scoring, Synthesis, Music History & Effects

I became a sound designer by need, it evolved into a passion for experimental music, synthesis & sampling. It later grew into a more well rounded understanding of music and musical composition. I design sound, provide sound effects and soundscapes for use in commercials & film. I have made music under different aliases and focuses for myself, record labels & commercial clients.